Soccer the Worlds favorite Sport

10 Feb

Why does the US hate soccer so much? This year will make a hundred years since the U.S adopted soccer and soccer is still low on the U.S radar.  There seem to be a stigma in the United States about soccer and how its a sport for women or its boring.  I will not address the low scoring or the ending in the tie because it has happen in football, hockey and baseball minus the tie factor.  Football or Soccer in the USA is the world’s most popular sport. (Staff,7) Just to let you know soccer is the highest paid team sport not football, not basketball, not even baseball but soccer pays the most.  The last time that the United States medal in world cup history was 1930 where they placed 3rd and was the world cups debut.  Since than the closest they’ve been to the bronze was the best of 16 when they lost to future champ Brazil.  Many say that the game is boring to watch and I find that funny.  Since most of these people who claims soccer is boring watches baseball and Golf.  USA soccer has been around soccer since the first World Cup but have yet to make an impact in that sport.  If we are truly the best and greatest nation we should dominate the worlds best and favorite sport.  Well I can only say that for the man side since the women have excelled and dominated the world of soccer.  When you hear about the Men’s US soccer you laugh or shake your head.  Unlike the Women’s team who have won multiple Olympics and World Cup.  The women’s resent world cup gold medal gave them a 1.5 million dollar bonus (Hinnen,8)  and the males was 30 million dollar.(Staff,7)  I’m proud to call myself an American even though I wasn’t born here.  But when it comes to Men soccer its just a sad state of affairs.

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